3 x 10km routes (and some kids routes).

These routes have been created to help you experience the variety of trail running available in Pembrokeshire.

Note: These routes are not marked out. Use the Strava phone app and provided route or GPX to navigate.

Route Files:

Route Description:

The original SOLO route on trails that will be familiar to Nobbler runners. Expect lovely forest fire-track, single track and the occasional muddy section (obviously).

From the carpark, head left (in the direction of Narberth) do the loop there, then come back to the carpark, cross the road and do the loop down towards Blackpool Mill. The routes are not marked in any way, so please use the files provided above for direction.

Route Files:

Route Description:

An accessible route that is a great introduction to exploring the Preselis. The route takes you over Pembrokeshire’s highest top, so expect a bit of climbing. The route is along well used trails, but, you know, winter, so there will be a bit of wet ground to cover.

Route Files:

Route Description:

You won't find a more varied run in Pembrokeshire. Boardwalks, bridges, woodland, two beaches and a lily pond. What more do you want? The route is fairly flat and on very runnable terrain, apart from a bit of soft sand

Route Files - Smaller Kids (1.6 miles / 2.5km):

Route Files - Bigger Kids (3.5 miles / 5km ish):

Route Description:

Yes, we've got medals on offer for the kids too (sponsored by Liz's Bakery). These two routes are a great introduction into the way of the Nobbler. Both are a great walk (or run?) for kids. Expect muddy puddles!

Park at Eagle Lodge carpark (the one between Bluestone and Canaston Bridge) and make your way into the woods from there.

Smaller Kids:

Bigger kids:


The routes are now ready to go, the event has started! We’ll keep the event going until regular events are allowed to start again. Please read the safety notes below. It’s important that we don’t want this event to spread the coronavirus. It was created to keep us all sane whilst everything is all, you know, weird.


Please take care when crossing any roads. Don’t take any risks.

The purpose of this is so that you can take part in an event at a time when we can’t run together so all guidelines must be followed:

– You must run alone and stay 6 feet away from other people at all times.

– You must not run if you feel ill in anyway whatsoever.

– You must maintain good hygiene (we don’t mean spraying liberally with Lynx), please be aware of other users of the footpaths, do not spit, cough near people or generally be a bit gross.

– Please show respect and courtesy to all other users of the trails, there will be dog walkers, horse riders and people enjoying the open air so please give way, smile (but don’t high five…).

This is not an organised run, race or event. You will be 100% responsible for your safety and health before, during and after.

It’s wise to consult the NHS guidelines on the Coronavirus and there are good safe exercise guidelines from Strava.

We have a limited supply of medals, so it’s first come, first served.

Keep active, keep motivated, but keep safe.

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