Friday the 3rd to Sunday the 5th of March 2023.


A load of us will be running a 4 mile loop from our homes.

That’s it?

(Here’s the fun bit) we will be doing it again 4 hours later, and then again 4 hours later, a total of 12 times over 48 hours finishing Sunday evening.

The challenge, was created and inspired by David Goggins, a strong Nobbler supporter.

Anyone who enters (for free) will be added to our progress chart. During the challenge, we’ll update the chart every 4 hours and publish it on our website and on this Facebook page. Whilst we’re likely to be running this solo, we’ll be in it together 💪

So if you fancy a slice of Goggins Pie and have no plans for that weekend and really want to stretch yourself then come join us, its free to take part.

All those who enter will be contacted before the start of the event to set out the rules. All entrants will be able to keep in touch with each other and there will be a live update of everyones progress online during the event.

Postal Entries & Concessions

For information on post entries please view this page.

If you want to raise money for our charities or your own, you can download a sponsor form here.

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